Hi there and welcome to YouMeU!

On the fence about joining? Not a problem, here are a few things you should know before clicking that signup button:

- YouMeU is a place where you can chat with your friends/family with no censorship on wording (means you can write words without getting banned).

- YouMeU makes it a priority to ensure free speech is never banned. 

- You can sell guns!

- There is no shadow banning, and no banning of anyone (unless you're a troll, and if you are one be prepared to get trolled back, haha).

- You will need an email to signup. You can also become a verified person too, you just have to basically give up all the info about yourself, a spleen and maybe an arm...that's a joke if you couldn't tell. If you want to become verified (with the check mark next to your name), it's really not that hard.

- Veteran owned social media site, so be prepared for some tasteless humor

- You can sell guns!

- You can sell animals including livestock

- You can sell guns!


What is YouMeU's stand on data mining?

"I am definitely not doing data mining. Your information is your information. Trust me, I do not want to get hit with a huge fine like facebook did. Have you ever noticed when you google something and then you get onto facebook and you start to see ads from what you googled? That's a good case of data mining! On facebook your data is sold to the highest bidder. Not here (YouMeU), and it will never happen".

July 25, 2019

Rob Barrett

Creator, and owner of YouMeU

Now that you know a few things about this social media site, you can decide for yourself if YouMeU is right for you.

"Sit back, and let's chat"

~ YouMeU